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Sourcing of professional services

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In many organizations, the sourcing of professional services is becoming an increasingly important theme. Often, the sourcing of professionals is the number one procurement category in terms of spend, and several demographic, economic, and labor-market related developments will mean the spend in this category is expected to increase. Because of decentralized management of sourcing of the professional services, a centralized view of the processes surrounding the sourcing of professionals is not in place, leaving the organization in large danger of running financial and legal risks.
Next to these issues, many people are involved in sourcing professionals. The hiring manager wants to employ the most readily available and qualitatively best professional, procurement is looking to fill the position in the most cost-effective way, whilst HR has a role setting up a job profile. In the end, Finance will have to match and pay the invoice. Careful study of the market has Qando concluding that many organizations have very little grip on their hiring process.

Qando has implemented structured hiring process for multiple organizations, and has developed multiple services which you can utilize to get a grip on your hiring process:

  • Quick scan sourcing of professional services
  • Modeling Source-to-Contract and Procure-to-Pay sourcing process
  • Modeling hiring desk
  • Modeling function structure of the organization
  • Automation of (parts of ) the sourcing of professionals services
  • Consulting on RFi/RPF processes for sourcing of professional services

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