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Procurement Automation / Procurement Software

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Furthermore, we assist our clients in automation of (part of) their procurement process by means of the implementation of procurement software. Organizations whom have already started to make use of procurement software often ask us to analyze their current state of affairs on the matter, and subsequently to provide a report on the possibilities for improvement.
We often see that for every part of the procurement process, a different supplier implemented a solution. Very often, this leads to a mishmash of interfaces, stand-alone and suboptimal situations. Spend Analysis-results coming from one solution, whilst the utilization of contracts is managed in a different system. Our goal in this situation will be to analyze how effective the output of these two solutions can be combined, and if a coupled solution will yield more efficient ways of working.

Next to mapping the current state of the procurement-software, we will also serve up proposals for improvement, as well as business cases for replacement/renewal of the current procurement software.

Finally, we help our principals in RFX-processes concerning the obtainment of new procurement software, as well as with the implementation of this software.

Implementation partner

Next to independent advice, we are also able to implement the Zycus-procurement software suite. We have chosen to engage in a partnership with Zycus, because we believe in the added value of this state-of-the-art and patented procurement suite. Being one of the few suites which is Cloud-based, it provides a total solution to automate the procurement process within one platform. Please refer to our Zycus-partnership page for more info on this world-leading software-suite >

Sourcing of professional services software

In 2012, Qando executed a research into software enabling the automation of the process of sourcing of professional services. In this part of the market, this software is often called Vendor Management System (VMS). Amongst others, this research provided Qando with rich insights into the functionalities of different systems, which allows us to dispense valuable advice regarding the process of automation of the sourcing of professional services process. These insights have also proven invaluable in consulting our clients in the RFX processes regarding the obtainment of sourcing software.

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