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Personal data
Qando Consultancy has high regard of the protection of the privacy of all visitors to its website. Therefore we make an effort to guarantee your privacy when using our website and our services. You are able to consult this webpage on an anonymous basis.

Collection of data
The personal information you provide Qando with will always be dealt with confidentially. Your information can be registered in multiple ways; via the website, via digital newsletters, and/or via personal contact with Qando Consultancy employees.

Aim and processing of data
By registering the data of its website’s visitors, Qando aims to enhance the effectiveness of its website. When using these data, only the data the visitor knowingly placed at our disposal will be used, and will never be placed at the disposal of a third party, or be used for other purposes then intended by the visitor. The list of addresses will also only be used by Qando Consultancy.

Changes in the privacy policy
Qando retains the right to change its privacy statement. Therefore, it is recommend to check this statement on a regular basis, so visitors are aware of any changes.

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