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The non-profit sector in The Netherlands is relatively speaking one of the largest in the world. It characterizes itself by a wide variety of organizations, active in healthcare, education, social security, public transport and arts & culture. These organizations are of great importance to the functioning of society. A large amount of funds is transferred from the public domain to these organizations. Therefore, ever increasing demands of transparency, effectiveness and justification of these funds are lain upon these organizations. Next to these demands, the “customers” of the non-profit sector are ever more demanding of the services and goods delivered, stipulating the importance of value for money.


Governmental agencies are also expected to be more alert and transparent. Demanding citizens, companies and institutions are no longer satisfied with an average level of service. Even in times of increasing complexity of the society, less regulatory pressure and higher quality of service is demanded. In meeting these demands, the government is increasingly dependent on suppliers, e.g. for construction, professional services, or the implementation of IT-systems that support its primary tasks.

Health Care

In the health care sector it has been tried to achieve more transparency and efficiency, whilst the demand for care is increasing. Also, the quality of care is under distress due to diverse new regulation and other external developments. Utilizing innovations, state-of –the-art IT-systems and even new ways of doing business, the sector tries to meets the new standards asked by patients, insurers, and government.

Qando helps clients in aforementioned sectors to professionalize their procurement. The procurement department is assisted to develop itself in support of the business objectives. Added to this assistance, Qando assists in European tendering, as well as implementing contract- and/or supplier management.


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