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Based in The Netherlands is a large number of banks, insurers and Financial institutions who play a major role in the international environment. During the last couple of years, this sector has been subject to many changes. The consciousness of the effects of these changes for these large administrative organizations in the fields of IT, as well as increasing flexibility of labor, is ever increasing.

New legislative frameworks (e.g. Basel II and III, SOX, IFRS, as well as the Patriot Act), new forms of payment (SEPA, mobile and online banking), but also technological advancements (CLOUD) require a different IT-organization, a different IT-structure, and different suppliers compared to beforehand.

Next to these external changes, for many banks and insurers “operational excellence” is gaining importance. To save costs, but also to shorten lead times. E.g.: the process to issue a new banking card to a customer can no longer take three weeks; the card has to be delivered and be useable within several days after application by the customer via the Internet.

Aforementioned developments mean organizations will need different experts and specialists to be able to profit from these advancements, to adhere to new legislative standards, to implement a new security framework, or to apply LEAN to processes.
Qando helps its clients in the financial sector in professionalizing the IT-procurement, consults on RFX-processes for e.g. CLOUD-solutions, renew the sourcing of professional services, and/or get to grip with the procurement process.


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