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“There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.”

Winston Churchill

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Our Consultancy services aim to help our clients achieve the next level in professionalism. We solve complex issues in close cooperation with our client, starting at the establishment of the team which will tackle to issue, consisting of consultants and employees of the principal. To be able to really make a difference and reach a lasting result, we use proven methodologies, with a “Can Do” mentality.

Furthermore, we assist our clients in automation of (part of) their procurement process by means of the implementation of procurement software. Organizations whom have already started to make use of procurement software often ask us to analyze their current state of affairs on the matter, and subsequently to provide a report on the possibilities for improvement.

In many organizations, the sourcing of professional services is becoming an increasingly important theme. Often, the sourcing of professionals is the number one procurement category in terms of spend, and several demographic, economic, and labor-market related developments will mean the spend in this category is expected to increase.

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