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Qando helps organizations to better their performance and to excel in their industry. Our focus herein lies in the procurement department. Passion for the profession of procurement is at the core of our existence. Our name stands for Quality AND Originality, wherein the practical fulfillment is at the centre of our activities.

From original idea up to detailed implementation, we deliver tangible and lasting results. To achieve this, we make use of our extensive experience in diverse branches of industry, e.g. financial services, chemical- and manufacturing industry, governmental- and healthcare services, as well as energy and power services. In strong cooperation with our principal, we analyze the current situation, and map the potential for improvement. Subsequently we develop improvement plans and innovative solutions, when appropriate these plans and solutions will be supported by the use of modern procurement software. Of course we will stay active inside the organization to guarantee a successful implementation of our advice. This way, we realize change that is widely supported, and therefore extra powerful, beneficiary and lasting.

Professionals with a passion for the trade of procurement. The professionals of Qando characterize themselves by Quality and Originality. Top talents in the fields of both expert knowledge as well as personal skills and drive. Our consultants combine objectivity with being involved; their aim for results with a strong cooperation with the client. On top of this, our knowledge and experience helps us to mobilize the necessary creativity and energy within an organization to instill positive change.

Knowledge to share

Qando believes in sharing knowledge and experience. Therefore we proud ourselves that our professionals passionately share their expertise and experience with colleagues and clients, not just on the job, but also by means of the publication of books and articles. Next to these publications we organize themed meetings for our clients and prospects on a regular basis. Also, we conduct research into trends and developments in certain markets.


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